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tips for troubleshooting an air conditioning system

You go to the thermostat and click the air conditioning on for the very first time of the season. You sit back and wait for the cool air to begin filling your home. What do you do when the cool air never starts? Is there anything you can check to get it working? If you are having troubles with your air conditioning system, take a moment to visit my website. Here, you will find a troubleshooting list that can help you pinpoint the problem and get your system working again. Hopefully, you will find everything you need to cool your home on the hot summer days.

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3 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner May Not Be Working As Expected

Do you have a home that is getting too hot right now? Is your air conditioner no longer working as well as you remember from last year? As you undoubtedly already know, air conditioners don't work forever. At some point, an air conditioner reaches the end of its life and must be replaced. But a poorly functioning air conditioner isn't necessarily a dying one. There may be any number of things that could be causing issues with your air conditioning system. Some of the most important ones that you should be aware of include:

Lack of routine maintenance: As with a vehicle, an air conditioner should get a tune-up at least once a year. Without an annual tune-up by a professional air conditioning services company, the air conditioner will develop faults over time that can slowly get worse. This may not be something that you'll notice immediately, but after a couple years of no maintenance, the air conditioner can start to malfunction in a variety of ways. For example, your air conditioner might circulate air around the house but not actually cool it. The longer you wait to fix these issues, the more expensive they can become to fix.

No filter changes: If you forgot to change your air conditioner's filter or filters last autumn, you may also have neglected to put in new ones when you turned the system on when the weather started to heat up. Unfortunately, this can result in the motor straining as it tries to pull air through the ducts. To prevent overheating, your air conditioner may have an automatic shut-off. In order to reset the system, you may have to get an air conditioning professional to come in and check the system to make sure that everything is okay.

Thermostat issues: There are a few issues that can plague thermostats, depending on what type you have. If you have an older analog thermostat, the various contacts may have worn down so that the thermostate no longer senses temperatures properly. If you have a newer, digital thermostat, it may simply need fresh batteries in order for it to work. Whichever type of thermostat that you have, it may be a good idea to have your air conditioning professional check out your thermostat before even looking at the actual air conditioning unit. Installing a new thermostat may be a relatively fast and inexpensive way to get your air conditioner working again.