tips for troubleshooting an air conditioning system

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tips for troubleshooting an air conditioning system

You go to the thermostat and click the air conditioning on for the very first time of the season. You sit back and wait for the cool air to begin filling your home. What do you do when the cool air never starts? Is there anything you can check to get it working? If you are having troubles with your air conditioning system, take a moment to visit my website. Here, you will find a troubleshooting list that can help you pinpoint the problem and get your system working again. Hopefully, you will find everything you need to cool your home on the hot summer days.


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Two Of Your Air Conditioning Questions Addressed

Your home's heating and cooling system is one of the most complex and expensive parts of your home. However, there are some homeowners that have a shockingly limited understanding of these systems, and this limitation can make it much more difficult for these people to properly maintain this part of their home. Fortunately, learning the answers to these questions may help you to make the best choices for your home when you are considering your air conditioning options. 

Does It Matter if Your Furnace And Air Conditioner Are Different Brands?

Homes in colder climates often use furnaces or boilers to provide heat during the harsh winters. However, many of these homeowners may think that it is important for these systems to be from the same brand, and this is not the case. The brand of these units is not as important as the size. 

When you have a furnace and air conditioner of different strengths and sizes, this can severely compromise the efficiency of your system. By having one overpowered and one underpowered unit, you ensure that your home will be energy inefficient regardless of the season. To avoid this problem, you should have a heating and cooling contractor calculate what size and strength units your home needs. 

How Do Shrubs Impact The Air Conditioner's Performance?

It is a common practice for homeowners to use plants to hide or diminish the visibility of their air conditioners. While this is a highly effective way of minimizing the aesthetic impacts of these devices, placing the shrubs too close to the unit can have disastrous consequences. For example, it is possible for the leaves and sticks of the shrub to be sucked into the air conditioner unit. This can cause a major mechanical malfunction that can be extremely expensive to repair. 

To avoid this type of damage, you should always make sure that the shrubs are at least several feet away from the unit. Also, you should consider placing a window screen over any of the vents on the exterior unit. These screens will minimize the debris entering the unit, and this can significantly extend its lifespan. 

Ensuring that your air conditioning system works as smoothly and efficiently as possible entails having a basic understanding of these complex systems. Yet, if you are one of the many homeowners that lack this type of air conditioner knowledge, learning these answers to two common questions should help you make informed decisions when it comes to what is best for your home. 

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